Antigua Bodega, originally called “El Parque”, is one of the first anti-seismic buildings with pure and stylish architecture in San Juan (1918). During the 1944 earthquake, almost all the old buildings in San Juan collapsed. Antigua Bodega kept its structure almost intact. Many families sought shelter in Antigua Bodega while the surrounding buildings were being rebuilt.

This noble building became an architectural heritage and an example of the solidarity of the province and its inhabitants. It is a silent witness of a major milestone in the roots of its citizens: full of hard work, hope and a symbol of rebirth culminating in the joy of a well-done job and emulating the process required to produce our high quality wines and sparkling wines.

Art gallery

This building within the winery complex is intended and redesigned for the development of an ambitious art project led by Azucena Juarez de Chirino. There, we exhibit our family private collection, giving our visitors the opportunity to find out our outstanding local artists through their works.


Its image gives rise to our firm´s isotype. Of impressive size, historical and architectural value, it becomes the central nave of the complex.

There is a permanent exhibition of pools, barrels, underground cellars where the second fermentation in the bottle of sparkling wines takes place, old carts and tractors, antique winepresses, barrel-maker tools, baked clay containers of colonial time, laboratory equipment and cultivation elements, all of which make a rich collection of ancient pieces for wine production.


LIn 1990, Luis Víctor Chirino, pioneer in the building industry in San Juan and a person with a passion for winemaking tradition in the region, invested not only in ideal lands to produce varietal wines but also in two wineries where nowadays wines and sparkling wines are made with forefront technology.

Don Luis’s interest in wine production was already born in the 80’s, that’s why he purchases then the historical establishment Antigua Bodega. After an intensive restoration work, it reopens its doors in 1994. In this process, the active participation of Don Luis’s wife, Azucena “Chiqui” Juarez de Chirino is crucial by getting renowned local artists involved in the redecoration of each room and place in the Winery.

Evolution and time engaged both sons, Luis Victor and Luis Alberto, in this project. Both of them cooperate in the development of new products, institutional relations, logistics and local and international distribution.


Our establishment for wine and sparkling wine production is equipped with state- of- the- art technology and is located a few meters from the Antigua Bodega complex.

In order to achieve local and international market positioning, we elaborate wines with high quality grapes, make controlled fermentation, use pneumatic presses, last generation heat exchangers and stainless steel tanks.

All this technology, together with the wide experience of our Winemaker, Gino Santinon, provides a perfect combination of wisdom and science, giving as a result our high-end and wide variety of products.

Antigua Bodega

It represents the classic line, perfect for enjoying at the table daily.

Ab Project

It was as born as a Project to promote and support art in all its expressions, giving it a place in the viticulture world.


Blend of three varietals in three special cuts with a remarkable result.

  • Blend
  • Blend
  • Blend

Luis Reserva

Excellent cut. Its label is a design from the studio of Max Liebermann Haus gallery in Berlin. Together with its tasting notes, it makes this wine unique.

Antigua Bodega Reserva

Crowned as the classic line of Antigua Bodega, it is an exceptional Reserve Blend of Malbec, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon in a perfect equilibrium.

Espumante Antigua Bodega

Carefully aged under the traditional Champenoise method, the most frequent and highly recognized; our high-end sparkling wine is born.

Luis Gran Reserva

Elegant Malbec from the Pedernal zone, it integrates all the pure characteristics of varietal wines: Round, velvety wine of extraordinary structure and concentration.




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